La Saint-Ours

For the first time in its history, the “Foire” lands on the web and will therefore be present despite the  pandemic. The Fair celebrates 1021 “springs” and nothing has ever stopped it up to now: we decided to offer you the opportunity to “live” this year in a new, unprecedented and modern form, even in this difficult period. Obviously it was not easy to replace the feelings of sharing and conviviality that have always distinguished Sant’Orso, but for this reason our intention in conceiving the project was to “simulate” the experience of a walk through the streets of Aosta in the midst of the benches of our beloved artisans. A woman, the Fair, who, walking through the streets of the center, gives warmth and color, that is life, to the still gray streets; as she passes her beloved artisans appear as loyal squires, who offer themselves to the visitor’s click to open their virtual shops, in which they will find their stories, their products and their emotions told in a video story, as if the customer was… in front of them in the shop. Our visitor will also be able to listen to the craftsman, read his stories, closely observe his products and even contact him to receive informations and explanations on the works on display. For the first time, moreover, the visitor will be able to learn about the history of the Fair through the opening video, from a certainly new and unexpected point of view: a video far from the ordinary, where the only protagonist is … the Fair . Finally, as if our guest friends were in Piazza Chanoux, the platform will feature numerous live streaming events such as concerts, demonstrations, interviews and speeches. In short, we can’t be there … but it’s a bit like we were there! Happy surfing everyone.